Most of us would rather not consider the experiences of one’s last weeks of life. Yet an important measure of any society’s strength and compassion is its ability to provide palliative care ensuring dignity and independence in a supportive environment surrounded by loved ones.

Most people would not choose to spend their last days in a medical institution but rather in a home-like setting within their community. We need this hospice to provide them with that choice.

Dr. Douglas McGregor,
Regional Medical Director,
Palliative Care,
Vancouver Coastal Health

In partnership with Vancouver Coastal Health Authority and the University of British Columbia, the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller and the Order of St. John Palliative Care Foundation are committed to establishing the first community hospice on Vancouver’s West Side.

Serving people from across Vancouver, St. John Hospice will be a freestanding residence nestled in the wooded University of British Columbia campus. Operated by the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, the hospice will welcome people from all backgrounds, faiths, and income levels. With a planned opening date of 2013, the building will include 14 inpatient rooms, training and research facilities, and the necessary infrastructure support for caregivers.

You can build a place where people can die with dignity

Dying patients desperately need a hospice like this one.

It's important for them, for their families, and for all of us.
Please make a gift as part of the $4 million capital campaign to build St. John Hospice.

Ongoing operational funding for the facility will be provided by Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, but your support is needed to fund the construction and furnishing of the building.

Donate now and help give your community an accepting, peaceful place for people in the last days of their lives. Your generosity will have a profound impact on palliative residents and their loved ones, giving them the ability to face the end of their lives with dignity, respect, and the highest quality of care.